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Custom design or standard installation, strip, plank, or parquet, new or reclaimed. They are many types of floors you can put down, nail down, glue, floating, and engineer depending on the type of sub floor or preference. The flooring choices offered by us include many options beyond the species of wood. We offer different widths from standard 2 1/4 inch strip flooring, to wide plank and variable width floors.


When your hardwood floor needs a face lift you can count on our hardwood flooring specialists to do the job right. we simple strip down the existing floor and re coat it with new one water base polyurethane or oil base polyurethane for two type of finish gloss or satin which ever you prefer and a finial finish coat.


If your hardwood floor is in need of repair we highly recommend you hire a professional who has the knowledge and expertise to properly repair and refinish your floor. We will provide the same species and grade of wood to match your existing flooring, but it is important to note that matching the species and grade will not always provide an exact match in color and grain character.


Who we are

KPC Group is a professional hardwood flooring company specializing in installation, sanding, restoration and maintenance of hardwood floor. Our company services commercial, industrial and residential sectors within the Illinois area. We offer competitive prices, wide product selection, and a knowledgeable staff. Please take a moment to browse our site that will help you in choosing your hardwood flooring type and the installation process.

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What we do

Our highly skilled craftsman can install almost any pattern or custom design you can imagine. The service what we provide includes staining, sanding, refinishing and repairing of existing floors. Whether you like hardwood, laminate or just want to refinish your floors, you can count on our reliable and professional team to provide a higher quality of guaranteed work.







Don’t take our word for it!

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“… The installation crew was professional and efficient, and they did a great job. I am so happy with my new hardwood floors!”


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“… I am so happy with my new hardwood floor, and I would definitely recommend KPC Hardwood Flooring to anyone looking for a new flooring company!”